24 Hours of Stem Cells: Advancing Medicine Virtually

Posted by Grace Robinson on Dec 2, 2015 11:00:00 AM

24_Hours_of_Stem_CellsStem cell research is one of the fastest growing areas in science. This is largely due to its immense potential to impact the future of medicine and how we treat diseases. Whether in basic research or cell therapy applications, Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to the expansion of this field.

To help facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, Thermo Fisher Scientific is hosting the 3rd Annual 24 Hours of Stem Cells event - the day the world revolves around stem cells.

Through events like this you can experience next-gen virtual conferencing, expand your research network, and learn about exciting advances in the field from all parts of the world. As a registered attendee, you will gain unprecedented access to prominent researchers and can connect directly with presenters through live Q&A sessions. You can also fit the conference to your schedule with on-demand presentations, and save documents, presentations, or resources to your personal briefcase to review at your convenience.

As a brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are proud to announce our participation and look forward to collaborating with attendees from around the world in this virtual forum. We are featuring a lot of great content including eBooks, blog posts, webinars, and videos, and our team of subject matter experts will be available via Live Chat to answer any questions you may have.

If you're interested in attending, registration is available here. Unable to attend the live event? With your registration you will be able to access the event on demand until March 3, 2016!

To learn more about the important variables to consider if you have a cell-based therapy in development and the unique logistical challenges associated with autologous cell therapies, please download our eBook Cell Therapy Logistics: Beyond the Basics.

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