Amazing Samples: A Compilation of Stories in Our Cells

Posted by Grace Robinson on Dec 8, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Though small, biological samples hold a wealth of information. They are the foundation for the development of new therapies as well as research into the cause of disease.  

As the leader in critical biological sample management, we at Fisher BioServices understand the importance of each sample vial. A single sample, when used in a specific way, can literally save a life. To a waiting patient, the story in their sample may be the prologue to an entirely new future.

Three years ago, we kicked off the “Amazing Samples” blog series, where each post discussed how various sample types contribute to saving lives and changing the world. The posts were well received, and in gratitude for your response, we are re-printing the five most popular entries, edited somewhat for length, as an eBook to close the series.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and for sharing our blogs with your colleagues. We look forward to sharing new thought provoking stories and information in future posts.

eBook17 AmazingSamples_cover.jpg

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