Free Webinar - Laboratory Processing, Automation, and Analysis for Biobank Samples and Clinical Biospecimens

Posted by on May 14, 2013 10:00:00 AM

Biobanks and clinical translational research centers play a critical role in the research information network, and often requires a LIMS (Laboratory Information Managmenet System) integrated workflow from sample receipt through processing, analysis, and storage/preservation. Today, many labs are facing bottlenecks in their workflow. Michael Blackburn, a senior research investigator at Sanofi-Aventis, commented about lab bottlenecks in a recent article "Improving Workflows In An Analytical Laboratory", "Analytical labs face a number of bottlenecks, depending of course on what they are analyzing and whether or not they are in a regulated environment".

describe the image Blackburn further notes that in regards to bioanalysis, sample receipt and storage is the biggest bottleneck, followed by sample preparation, analysis, then data processing, and finally data checking and reporting. In light of this situation, Fisher BioServices' laboratory experts have prepared a free webinar that focuses on laboratory processing, automation, and analysis. 

Fisher BioServices Laboratory Processing IconDuring this webinar, Mr. Abdul Ally and Dr. Francois Hamy will be sharing their best practices and case studies in laboratory sample processing and management for biobanking and clinical trial / longitudinal cohort studies. The laboratory stage of a sample is an instrumental process of sample management to ensure sample usability and data fidelity in the future. Maintaining sample integrity is pivotal to translational medicine research such as biomarker, genomic, and proteomic studies. An improved, robust laboratory workflow can ultimately pay off in the longer term, by improving processing efficiency, reducing potential risks, and lowering expenses. With combined laboratory and research experience of more than 40+ years from upstream processing to downstream sample analyses, Mr. Ally and Dr. Hamy will also be discussing key laboratory workflows that are essential to managing the integrity to your sample and its associated data.

Towards the end of the webinar, we will have an open Q&A session so that you can discuss with us your laboratory challenges and needs for your samples. Sign up for the webinar today!

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