Introducing Inside Biobanking

Posted by Eric Gold on Sep 18, 2013 1:28:00 PM
We live in an information age that takes in data and knowledge faster than our brains can process it. The landscape of science and technology is always changing and evolving in ways that are hard to imagine. Because of this, how we analyze and communicate information has significantly changed. Companies across the world are making a significant investment in research and development in the name of this fundamental change in technology and culture.

In order to continue to innovate and be the best we must make a significant effort to bring value in every phase of our organization. Therefore, the need for businesses to take responsibility for data and how they process it is critical. Whether its biobanking, clinical trial management, or cell therapy solutions, samples and data must be prepared, stored, retrieved, and analyzed in the right way.

As a global leader in Critical Biological Material Management and a thought leader in the science community, we want to embrace the notion that information is a corporate asset and should be taken seriously. In a joint effort with key biobanking groups within Thermo Fisher Scientific, the company has launched a blog, “Inside Biobanking”.

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The blog will discuss topics in the industry that will enhance your biobanking experience, knowledge, and practice every day. Collectively as a community we want to engage and create dialogue about the key issues facing us and how we should respond as an organization to best address our problems. We are very excited about this collaboration and hope it  will lead to more informed leaders, scientists, and professionals in the science community.

Please join us in this mission: engage, like, share, and comment.