Hot 10 Biobanking Topics: By the Numbers

Posted by Eric Gold on Apr 17, 2014 2:35:00 PM

hot 10 biobanking topics


We are excited to be celebrating the one year anniversary of the Fisher BioServices Blog. Over the last year we have been able to share great stories of our customers work and discuss topics in the world of biobanking, public health, and cellular therapies. We are part of an intriguing new time in health and medical research and development, and are pleased that you have joined our community. We hope you have found our blogs, InfoPosters, eBooks, white papers, videos and webinars to be helpful and interesting. 


As a recap of some of our top viewed, shared, and downloaded content, we've created a top 10 of the year list, in case you are wondering what others are reading about or if you've missed any of our blog posts, ebooks, webinars or videos. Below is a list of our top 10:  


kit production videoSample Collection for Clinical Trials and Longitudinal Studies Video: Garth Herdrich, Account Manager, discusses clinical trial sample management, highlighting the differences between bulk supplies and sample collection kits, and providing 5 points that will aid in your decision. 


cell therapy webinarCell Therapy Webinar: hosted by Dan O'Donnell, Director of Cell Therapy Logistics, discussing best practices and case studies in ultra cold chain distribution and regulatory compliance in transporting biologics and cryogenically frozen cell-based therapeutics.  


dry shipping InfoPosterDry Shipping InfoPoster: two-part blog post that discusses 10 things you should know about dry shipping before shipping high value biologics with a downloadable InfoPoster for you to share with your co-workers and friends to guide you in your shipping challenges. 


ultra cold transit white paperControlled-Rate of Freezing During Ultra Cold Transit White Paper: Francois Hamy, Ph.D, Head of Project Management and Laboratories, addresses how to ensure viability and integrity upon thawing at a specific cooling rate which requires equipment that exceeds most organization's financial resources. 


automating your sample collection eBookAutomating Your Sample Collection for Biobanking eBook: Do you automate your biobank? Our Project Directors discuss 10 considerations every biobank should think about when making this decision. 


defense in depth eBookDefense in Depth eBook: Bruce Simpson, Director of Commercial Operations, provides 7 key tips you should know to mitigate risk for critical biological materials and helps you answer the question, if a disaster happens, will your research and materials be safe? 


biobank eBook10 Questions to Build or Outsource Your Biobank eBook: one of the most common questions raised in biobanking discussions, should you build or outsource your biobank? We raise 10 questions you should consider in this decision. 


commercially successful cell therapies eBookCommercially Successful Cell Therapies eBook: for organizations with cell-based therapy in development, our cell therapy expert discusses the considerations and and the potential landmines you will encounter to improve commercial viability, avoid unnecessary costs, and meet FDA and chain of custody requirements. 


cold chain qualification eBookCold Chain Qualification eBook: there is an increasing need and importance to take control of the entire cold chain process, this eBook highlights 5 questions you must ask when shipping biologics to maintain your cold chain.




and number 1 is...

Biobank Storage Temperatures InfoPoster: our most exciting and popular content to date, this InfoPoster is a reference guide for choosing which temperature you should use to store your samples and can be hung in your lab or workplace summarizing optimal storage temperatures.

biobank storage temperatures infoposter

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What were your favorites posted this year in the Fisher BioServices community? We are very excited to see what the rest of 2014 brings!