Cell & Gene Therapy World: Accelerate your cell therapy research

Posted by Grace Robinson on Jan 22, 2016 10:48:55 AM


The advancements in cell therapy are increasing at a rapid pace and are transforming the way we think about medicine. Whether in research or in the clinic, scientific innovators are acutely aware that every moment counts when working with these valuable therapies. To facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, Thermo Fisher Scientific is proud to support the 12th Annual Cell & Gene Therapy World event.

With over 750 biopharma industry leaders in attendance, the event is a great opportunity to gather information regarding cell & gene therapy, immunotherapy, and stem cell therapy. From booth #204, we will showcase our comprehensive cell therapy offering, highlighting products and services which support the entirety of the workflow.

We are also hosting several insightful sessions:

Lunchtime Workshop:  January 26, 1:20 PM, Wilson & Roosevelt on the Constitutional Level

Dan O'Donnell, Director of Cell Therapy Logistics, Fisher BioServices
Rob Jones, General Manager, Fisher BioServices UK

Practical Advice for Designing a Cell-Based Clinical Trial Logistics Strategy
Lessons learned from applying essential elements of material handling to control cost and ensure success 

Decisions made in the early stages of cell-based drug development can have a profound impact on the product integrity, cost, and scalability of your logistics strategy. As a stakeholder in the development of your cell therapy product, having a well thought-out biobanking and logistics blueprint is key. We'll review case studies of actual clinical trial mishaps and identify how they can be avoided.

Highlights include:

    • Thinking beyond Phase I while you're in it
    • Planning for scale-up from Phase II to Phase III and beyond
    • Process qualification and validation at various phases of clinical trials
    • Overall lessons learned during primary cell therapy process blocks

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Focus Session:  January 26, 4:55 PM, Constitution Ballroom D

Brian Newsom, Business Development Leader, Cellular Medicine, Thermo Fisher Scientific

How do we achieve a viable stem cell industry?

Cell therapy is still considered a nascent industry, yet we have been actively engaged in clinical trials for more than two decades. Unfortunately, despite all of those years and all of those trials, we have had few success stories. How do we take the hype, promise and good ideas and turn them into successful products and successful companies? Let's review what has lead us to where we are and plan how to achieve our goals of a viable stem cell industry.

Highlights include:

    • Review of the current status of the cell therapy industry
    • Discuss the relationship between time, money, and expectations
    • Layout a checklist of essentials that can help lead to success

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers integrated, scalable, and custom solutions to accelerate cell therapy research to the clinic and beyond. We're excited to share our full offering with you!  Swing by booth #204 to discuss some of the challenges your facing with our team of experts and register for our workshop below.

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