Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress

Posted by Kate Enright on Nov 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Cryopreservation-Cell_Therapy.jpgWe are pleased to announce our participation as a sponsor at the upcoming Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress in Amsterdam. The event will focus on connecting cell and gene therapy leads to drive manufacturing and commercialization through direct access to innovative discovery, product development and regulatory know-how. We are honored to showcase our global integrated solution for cell therapy clinical and commercial development in conjunction with our parent company, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

From booth 31, we will showcase our comprehensive cell therapy offering, highlighting products and services which support the entirety of the workflow. We are also hosting several insightful sessions:

Stream: Cell, Gene and Immunotherapy Manufacturing, Process Automation and Cold Chain

Date: Wednesday, November 30th
Time: 12:15–12:35 PM

Title:  The Process of Industrialising Gene Therapies Is Only Just Beginning
Presented by Dave Wilson, European Business Development Manager, Fisher BioServices

The goals for cell and gene therapy cold chain supply are not dissimilar to all that have already gone before in the pharmaceutical and biological world. The difference comes in the methods we use to achieve those goals.

“Fresh or frozen” is the first question. If the answer is frozen then we probably mean cryogenically frozen. A cryogenic state is fairly simple to achieve but the management of the cryogenic process, incorporating all elements of packaging, labelling, storage and distribution is not.

Practical solutions for handling therapy sample integrity, quality and dose volumes are challenging the boundaries of what we currently understand. Having the experience to adapt what we already know, with the innovation to develop what we need, is the key to getting us closer to the target.

Stream: Clinical Development for Cell, Gene and Immunotherapies

Date: Tuesday, November 29th
Time: 12:25–12:55 PM

Title:  Enabling technologies for efficient downstream processing of AAV viral vectors
Presented by Pim Hermans, Director of Ligand Discovery, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Gene therapy has undergone significant advances over the last few years and the adeno-associated virus (AAV) sub-classes have emerged as the vector of choice for many therapies. The field currently faces a challenge to develop efficient commercial manufacturing capabilities for these unique therapies and to increase productivity to meet market needs.  Affinity chromatography for purification of these biomolecules offers clear advantages of obtaining high purity and high yield in a single step and it is an essential part of platform technologies. 

In this presentation, the properties of Thermo Scientific™ POROS™ CaptureSelect™AAV8 and AAV9 resins will be discussed, as will the benefits of high resolving ion exchange resins for polish applications of these vectors. The utilization of these enabling resins will be a significant improvement to the downstream processing.  They will help reduce purification steps, maximize productivity and offer a more scalable, consistent and platformable process. New developments in affinity solutions for other viral vector platforms will be also discussed.

We look forward to sharing our solutions with you and discussing the latest breakthroughs in cell therapy research. To learn more about our cell therapy solutions, we encourage to read our blog or download our eBook Commercially Successful Cell Therapies: Navigating the Ultra Cold Chain Distribution Minefield.


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