Fisher BioServices Top Five Most Popular Blogs of 2017

Posted by Grace Robinson on Dec 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Top52017 has been a year filled with new discoveries in the health and medical R&D space. Through our blog, we have shared great stories of our customers' work and discussed a wide-breadth of topics, focusing on advanced therapies, biological material, and public health research.

In case you missed some of the content we published over the past year, we've created a Fisher BioServices Top Five list of our most popular blogs of 2017. Take a look!

5. Storing Biologics at Non-Traditional Temperatures
Maintaining the appropriate storage temperature of biological material is critical for downstream use. However, due to the complexity of this material and its sensitivity to temperature we are seeing an increase in non-traditional storage temperature requests. In this blog we explore some of the reasons why this is occurring and the associated challenges. Read more...

4. Advanced Therapies: Reimbursement and the Impact of Hidden Supply Chain Costs
While the potential for advanced therapies to provide curative treatments to patients around the world is very exciting, the pricing strategies and reimbursement models to support this innovation are quite complicated. In this blog, we explore the cost vs. price paradigm, through a supply chain lens, highlighting hidden costs and their impact on reimbursement potential. These hidden costs and their additional impact will be felt after the COGS have been established and will therefore impact the margin between COGS and the reimbursement threshold. Thus, they need to be understood early in the development process. Otherwise therapies risk failure, not because of their clinical impact but because they cannot be delivered to patients.  Read more...

3. Transitioning to a New Biobank Model at a Time of Change: An AstraZeneca & Fisher BioServices Perspective
The AstraZeneca (AZ) UK Biobank offers long term storage of, and rapid access to, ~1 million human biological samples from AZ Oncology clinical trials, collaborators and commercial sources. In 2014, AZ made the decision to create a mixed outsourcing biobank model for its AZ UK Biobank, with off-site storage at Fisher BioServices holding the majority of the clinical trial samples and AZ Alderley Park staff managing customer interactions and the strategic direction of the service. This InfoPoster describes how AZ was able to meet the increased demand for rapid access to high quality samples by partnering with Fisher BioServices.  Read more...

2. The RMAT Designation: What it means to the advanced therapy supply chain
The ever-increasing demand for healthcare advances has prompted legislators to consider means of facilitating the development of potentially life-saving new therapies. In this guest blog, Alison Wilson reviews the definition of a regenerative medicine advanced therapy (RMAT) and how this designation can facilitate speed to market for these innovative therapies. Alison is an independent regulatory affairs consultant specializing in human cell and tissue-based advanced therapies.  Read more...

1. "Validation" or "Qualification" – What’s the difference?
For those studying, manufacturing, or experimenting with delicate pharmaceuticals and biological samples, the importance of sample storage and accurate temperature monitoring is well known. From a qualification and validation perspective, the equipment and processes used for shipping, storing (whether refrigerated storage or ultra cold storage), and other services must comply with the products’ requirements throughout the chain of custody. The terms qualification and validation are used interchangeably and loosely at times. In this blog, we take a look at the true difference between the two, and why they are both important components in managing your valuable biological material. Read more...

We hope you enjoyed this recap and want to thank you for being a part of our blog community. Stay tuned for fresh, new content in 2018! In the meantime, download our latest eBook Amazing Samples: A Compilation of Stories in Our Cells for some light holiday reading.


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