InsideAccess: Minimizing Errors and Saving Time in Drug Receipt Processes

Posted by Mahzad Mehrinfar and Nick Fera on Dec 14, 2017 9:05:28 PM

The speed-accuracy trade-off is a well-known phenomenon in psychology for processes requiring human input: the faster you go, the more likely it is that errors will be introduced into the system. This presents a major challenge for complex supply chains that demand both efficiency and accuracy. For example, when handling and distributing sensitive clinical materials, it is essential that the workflow proceed as quickly as possible while minimizing errors.

One way to optimize performance is to conduct a global supply chain analysis to identify weaknesses and inefficiencies in a current system. Once a problem is identified and remedied, the overall workflow can be re-evaluated to ensure that each of its components are streamlined and accuracy improves.

In this edition of InsideAccess we’ll explore the complexities of the drug receipt process and illustrate our efforts to improve efficiency and accuracy in the supply chain. Our team’s new drug receipt process not only slashed processing time, but it also decreased our error rate. A win-win for both speed and accuracy.

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