Introducing InsideAccess: An Insider's Look at Making the Most of Near Misses

Posted by on Aug 27, 2015 11:00:00 AM


In the fast paced environment that we work in it's common to follow a well-rehearsed routine and stick to it. However, when handling valuable samples, this cannot be the case. Continuous process improvement is at the core of our business and a value that we work towards diligently. Oftentimes, these process improvement projects occur behind the scenes, but prove to have the most outstanding results for our clients. Thus, we're introducing a new series called InsideAccess. This new content will give you an inside look into our operations and processes to showcase the work that we're doing internally to ensure our external operations run smoothly.

In this first InsideAccess, Nick Fera, Operations Manager, and Mahzad Mehrinfar, Project Director, share their process for capturing and learning from near misses. Below is a short introduction to how their team faced a large challenge and developed a solution, which resulted in an exceptional level of accuracy in fulfilling orders for shipment.  

"Accuracy is critical to business success, no matter what the operation. However, there are some situations where accuracy is more than critical: it is an absolute requirement! At Fisher BioServices the ultimate end point is a patient, and when patients are receiving treatment, there is no room for error. However, like all businesses, we are staffed by human beings and achieving complete accuracy is a challenge we face minute by minute, every day.

Our team has achieved unprecedented levels of shipping accuracy by documenting, tracking, and learning from “near misses.” A near miss is a mistake, of any kind, that is caught and corrected during normal Quality Control activities before it is shipped to the recipient (who may or may not be a patient). By tracking these near misses the team is able to identify weaknesses, improve them, and continuously optimize operations."

To read more about this challenge, the associated data, and the team's solution, download this first edition of InsideAccess: Making the Most of Near Misses.



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