[Video] Standardize Your Sample and Temperature Management with CryoCradle™

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 11:00:00 AM

CryoCradleBusiness today, no matter the industry, runs on innovation---it is one of the greatest features of being human to be able to constantly develop new technologies. Sometimes, the established techniques have been in practice for decades, and haven't been substantially modified for any number of reasons: any improvements are too insignificant to notice, changes would require an as-of-yet undeveloped ancillary technology, or the technique already has such considerable efficiency that we can become complacent.

One such practice is the out-of-container handling of samples stored at ultra-low temperatures. While freezers and shippers have both been improved over time, the standard procedure for keeping specimen vials in ultra-low range between freezer and shipper has generally stayed the same: placing the vials on a simple dry ice bed. However, given the number of samples that we handle on a daily basis, and increasingly stringent requirements for temperature control, we found ample opportunity to improve on this procedure, and have spent several years using, developing, and testing our new technology.

After observing how much cryoboxes could warm during out-of-freezer handling, we developed the CryoCradle™ as a countermeasure. By using this with a smaller basin instead of large carts, we have standardized biospecimen processing, minimized temperature variability, and improved efficiency for both dry ice and space in our global network of biobanks and biorepositories.  It’s validated to enable sample processing at 12 oC colder than traditional methods, draws heat at 1200 times more effective than fiberboard, and is tested to reduce dry ice consumption by up to 50%.  We use the CryoCradle™ in our biorepositories on a daily basis as part of our standard operating procedures, and now you can too by purchasing it through our information page.

Watch the video below to learn more about CryoCradle!

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