The Evolution of Public Health Research—A Summary of the Blog Series

Posted by L.J.H. Kelley on Mar 8, 2017 10:10:00 AM

Over the past year, we presented a series of blog posts on The Evolution of Public Health Research, our salute to a profession and area of study that has not only saved many, many millions of lives, but also dramatically improved the length and quality of life as well.

Public health sets out to prevent or change the course of disease; specific diseases have in turn provoked changes in the course and nature of public health research and practice. Our blog series explored seven of these, from cholera to the microbiome, and highlighted some of the dramatic changes that have occurred over the past 125 years.

To wrap up the series, we have assembled condensed versions of the posts in this eBook. A complete list of the individual posts can be found at the end. Thank you for your interest, comments, and for sharing our blogs with your colleagues.  We look forward to sharing new thought-provoking stories and information in the future.

 Evolution of Public Health—A Summary of the Blog Series_Cover_final.png

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