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InsideAccess: Minimizing Errors and Saving Time in Drug Receipt Processes

The speed-accuracy trade-off is a well-known phenomenon in psychology for processes requiring human input: the faster you go, the more likely it is that errors will be introduced into the system. This presents a major challenge for complex supply chains that demand both efficiency and accuracy. For example, when handling and distributing sensitive clinical materials, it is essential that the workflow proceed as quickly as possible while minimizing errors.

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InsideAccess: Maintaining Inventory Accuracy

In an age of electronic databases and barcode scanning, maintaining inventory accuracy should be simple. Vials are put in a freezer and the location is recorded in a database. How could sample storage be complicated?

It’s true that technology has improved efficiency and accuracy in the management of all types of inventory. However, whether the inventory in question is lego blocks or vials of blood, inventory management is more complicated than it seems. Even with the most sophisticated electronic tools, multiple challenges remain.

Last August we introduced a new content series called InsideAccess to give you inside look into our operations and processes. In this edition of InsideAccess we'll take a look at the challenges involved in maintaining inventory accuracy and some of the tools we use in working toward our goal of absolute, 100%, accuracy in our operations.

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Introducing InsideAccess: An Insider's Look at Making the Most of Near Misses

In the fast paced environment that we work in it's common to follow a well-rehearsed routine and stick to it. However, when handling valuable samples, this cannot be the case. Continuous process improvement is at the core of our business and a value that we work towards diligently. Oftentimes, these process improvement projects occur behind the scenes, but prove to have the most outstanding results for our clients. Thus, we're introducing a new series called InsideAccess. This new content will give you an inside look into our operations and processes to showcase the work that we're doing internally to ensure our external operations run smoothly.

In this first InsideAccess, Nick Fera, Operations Manager, and Mahzad Mehrinfar, Project Director, share their process for capturing and learning from near misses. Below is a short introduction to how their team faced a large challenge and developed a solution, which resulted in an exceptional level of accuracy in fulfilling orders for shipment.  

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