Reducing Cost within Advanced Therapy Clinical Trials

Posted by Simon Ellison on Jul 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

The challenge for advanced therapy companies is that they need to develop a supply chain that delivers their therapy, at scale, without adding significantly to the cost of goods sold (COGS). In this case study we’ll demonstrate how a company saw 55% cost savings across its distribution system, and increased visibility of its supply chain through meaningful data. By trusting our team of experts to deliver a robust global storage and logistics strategy, the clinical trial ran more efficiently and provided the Sponsor company with the confidence to focus on other high value activities.

Fisher BioServices and Fisher Clinical Services are brands of Thermo Fisher Scientific and leaders in supply chain management. They work with multiple advanced therapy companies on a global scale to ensure that organizations have efficient supply chains both now, for clinical trials, but also as they scale up into commercial distribution.


The Sponsor within this case study was looking to find efficiencies as it scaled up its manufacturing to ensure that it could still meet patient’s needs throughout the clinical trial program. Based on data analysis of the current distribution system, our project managers identified an opportunity to improve the system and realize efficiencies across the clinical trials.

To understand the challenge fully a dedicated team was set up to formally review the distribution policy. At the time the Sponsor was using a two day shipping service with a premium courier for all shipments. This ensured a high level of service across all weather periods and for all shipment types. However, the Sponsor had started to question the cost of the higher level service, as well as the necessity of a two day service for all shipments.

To read more about the challenges associated with this clinical trial, the solutions that were implemented, as well as the results, download your free copy of our Case Study Reducing Cost within Advanced Therapy Clinical Trials.


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